Strategic Advisory Services
We analyze existing financial structures of corporate clients and provide them optimal financial solutions by analyzing various available methods, and their specific application to the clients’ requirements.
Project Finance
From the broad strategic thinking required at the inception stage of a project to the detailed technical skills required at financial close, as well as advice on the complexities of refinancing, our gamut of services encompass all these activities.
On going Finance
An important part of the top half of a firm's balance sheet, a healthy working capital position is an indicator of sound financial position of the firm. Working capital allows businesses to deal with day to day business matters very effectively. We are well equipped to offer working capital finance services to our clients in all industries.
Business Risk Analysis
We provide our clients with comprehensive Risk Analysis. It encompasses both in depth study of financial and insurable risks faced by corporations. The study gives guidelines for the benefit of shareholders, executives as well as other employees. All perils are analyzed. Insurable risks are proposed for effective and economic coverage. Uninsured perils are covered in detail. Employee benefits such as health, welfare, pensions and stock options may be recommended in consultation with the board. Business and management continuation is studied and ensured through comprehensive planning.
Capital Management Services
We provide advisory services in the area of Capital Management to help their clients to raise money from Primary market through IPO/FPO. The act of going public requires a high level of specialist knowledge in the most diverse areas of preparation such as organization, accounting, law, taxation, stock market, communication, etc. We relieve the management by taking on numerous organizational, coordination and monitoring duties. Thanks to our well-established network, we have access to specialists with longstanding experience in their specific fields and top credentials while, at the same time, offering good value for money.
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